Your Little Piece of Vacation Paradise
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What you will find in all of our apartments. 

All of our apartments are furnished with the following:
Each guest will be supplied with a bath towel, hand towel and facecloth

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Bottled drinking water is delivered to your apartment at no extra cost.

Linens and kitchen towels are supplied
Electrical service is the same as the rest of North America, 120v
All of the windows have screens
There is no air conditioning in any of the units (we get an excellent breeze), except 1 bedroom of the 2 bedrooms in Suite #1
Bottled drinking water is supplied
Weekly maid service is included for those who stay more than 7 days
Free High Speed Wireless in all apartments
Free Netflix

All kitchens have a full size refrigerators with a freezer, oven, stove and microwave
The kitchen is stocked with basic utensils, pots and kitchenware
Blender, drip coffee maker, kettle and toaster are included
Dish soap, salt & pepper, garbage bags, coffee filters and paper towels included

Living Room
All apartments have flat screen TVs with Blu-Ray Players and free Netfilx
Each suite has a full size sofa that may be converted to a double bed
Floor and ceiling fans

Propecia Buy Cheap

In room safe in all apartments

Queen size bed
Closet space
Floor and ceiling fans

Hair dryer in each bathroom
Shower, toilet and sink
High pressure system with hot water
Hand soap and bar soap included

Sitting area
Lots of breeze

Nizoral Drugstore Lipstick

General Property
There is quiet on-street parking on the cul-de-sac in front of the building
Recycling is bins are located at the side of the building
Trash bins are east of the front gate
A foot wash station is located at the side of the house
Clothes lines are available on the main level
There is a charcoal grill for everyone’s use in the back yard

Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung

Additional Fees

There is an additional fee for use of the air conditioner in Suite #1
Rental of beach chair or umbrellas ($10USD/week)
Additional maid service (maid service is every 7 days)

Recycling & the Enviroment

At Casa de los Viajeros we encourage you to recycle. We have recycling bins for your use at the side of the house for glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminum cans.

Also, we take the time and extra effort to line dry all of our linens and towels. Not only is this better for the planet, it means your bed sheets smell great!

Contact Us: Buy Betnovate N Cream

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Ventolin Rezeptfrei OnlineZithromax Romania OnlineModuretic Generika DrugstoreBuy Cephalexin For Dogs Uk

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